Photography workshops, coaching & mentorship sessions are finally here! I’ve been in contact with so many of you over the past year, so I’m hoping this will be much more useful to your businesses than explaining things through email!

1. Photography & Marketing: Training for Small Businesses and Organisations

This workshop is designed for businesses and organisations who want to train their staff to do photography for marketing purposes.

• Photography training tailored to match your business’ visual marketing campaigns,

• Understanding Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO, 

• Understanding LIGHT, 

• What camera and lens do you need? Technical Advice, 

• Professional and Efficient Editing in Lightroom presentation (Batch processing) 

• File formats and exporting files correctly, 

• Copyright Law and Metadata, 

• Posts with images on social media; visual communication, 

• Hands on photoshoot with staff members, 

• Editing photographs from the shoot.


2. Coaching for Photographers

One to One sessions Edinburgh, Glasgow & Scotland 

 This program is focused on coaching you to become a better photographer by: 

• Taking a critical look at your work and helping you understand the problems, 

• Expanding your vision to see things differently, 

• Inspiring you to execute with confidence,

• Educational and philosophical inspiration, 

• Honest yet constructive critique, 

• My experience combined with my mentoring skill will create dramatic and positive changes for you as a photographer, 

• Bringing your work to a new level , 

• How and why photography is an important tool in understanding who we are as visual communicators 

• In addition to shooting from a technical, intellectual standpoint you will learn what it means to shoot from the heart, 

• Anticipating moments, connecting with the deeper meaning of what you photograph, and inspiring you to go after all of it with determination, conviction, and a love for the subjects, 

• Helping you to stop the over-thinking and over-analysing when shooting. 

• Assignments tailored specifically to your needs, by our expert, so you can grow as a photographer 

 This course is ideal for those who want to generally improve their photography and also for those people who want to take a specific type of photo. If you want to take the perfect product photo or even something really specific like night landscapes or animal portraits, I can give you the coaching you need to get the results you want. Even if you don’t have a specific goal in mind and just want general help and advice, this coaching package can help you to see where you can improve and then give you the tools to get the photos you have always wanted.


 3. Photography Basics 

One to One sessions Edinburgh, Glasgow & Scotland You can spend £4,000 on a new camera but without understanding the basics of photography you are still going make the same mistakes. Why not spend a tiny fraction of that price to understand photography basics and actually get to be a BETTER photographer! 

• Understanding Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO, 

 • Understanding LIGHT! 

• What camera and lens do you need? Technical Advice, 

• Depth of Field in Landscape and Portrait, 

• Long Shutter Speed; when is the best time to use it? 

• Professional Editing in Lightroom, 

• File formats and exporting files correctly, 

• Copyright Law and Metadata. 

 ON YOUR SCHEDULE You’re busy and I’m busy too! I understand how difficult it can be to set aside a full weekend for a full workshop, thus the workshop I offer is fully matched to your availability and location: We meet one-to-one & on your schedule!